All new UTV owners have questions or problems. Some are new to a brand and more are brand new to the sport in general. Knowing how a particular machine holds up is important. We have gathered a list of parts that your machine needs to make it stronger and more user-friendly. Keep posted as we will add to this list. The Rotax power plant and Fox Shox are so good, the chassis has trouble keeping up. There are a few critical areas that need immediate attention if you are doing anything more than tame trail riding.

For this article, Assault Industries takes care of the first five fixes. You can order each product through www. Up front, the A-arm mounting points as well as the top shock mounts need bracing.


The laser cut chromoly steel brace supplies a true double shear mounting point for these critical areas. It works with stock or aftermarket arms and shocks. Again, this is a situation where the rod is not mounted with double shear plates. We installed this kit before prerunning the Baja and took an XDS model down south that was otherwise completely stock tires too and ran the whole course without any issues.

This kit will work with OEM, Assault or most other brand radius rods. Speaking of radius rods, any car that has them, needs an upgrade. Unfortunately any hard side load hit will bend them.

If they bend without you noticing, it can take out your trailing arm and then your shock. Not only does it secure the radius rods better, it protects this section of the frame and provides attachment points for tie downs during transportation. Finally, inside the cockpit, The gated shifter in the center console area needs attention.

The stock shifter works well but the soft plastic that makes up the shift gate guide wears out quick and looks shabby after a few rides. Raw, red, blue, black or yellow colors are available. Under the car, you will notice that the stock skid plate is riveted on. While this installation process may be fine on the assembly line, it is completely impractical for offload use. Your skid plate needs to be easily removable for inspection and maintenance.

To get your stock skid plate off you have to split the rivets from the side with a punch or large screwdriver. At the rear of the car, mud flaps like these from Rokblokz are a must with any high performance UTV. While they only slightly stop mud from hitting anything on your car, they do prevent rocks that fly off the front tires from wedging themselves between the rear wheel and brake caliper, causing a flat or other major damage.

Order at www. Last updated Apr 5, Continue Reading.

Major Can Am X3 Weak Point Add Adjustable Front Sway Bar Links ASAP

You might also like. Prev Next.The Can-Am X3 power is impressive to say the least. It pulls off the bottom and continues to run pretty hard all the way through.

HMF Racing has developed a couple of different exhaust options that will give you between 5—7 extra ponies on the dyno. The Dual Full systems are Turbo-Back, featuring two inch mufflers that retain the original turbo and down-pipe heat shields.

They come with two 18mm O2 bungs—one for the original O2 sensor and one for the wide-band O2 sensor. The aluminum Performance Series gains 6 horsepower, 4 foot-pounds of torque, increases the decibel output by 10—12 and weighs The stainless steel Titan QS picks up 5 horsepower and 4 foot-pounds of torque, while the Titan XL picks up 7 horsepower, 5 foot-pounds of torque and raises the decibels by 8—9.

As with just about any fuel-injected machine, you will need a Fuel tuner or ECU re-flash to adjust fueling when adding an exhaust system. There are a handful of different performance companies re-flashing the X3 ECU, and they all have slightly different parameters to which they think are optimum. An X3 ECU re-flash from HMF Racing will see gains of 13 horsepower over stock and may even require clutch tuning to fully take advantage of the increase depending on tire size. HMF raises boost from 12 to 15 psi, adjusts spark timing for octane fuel, removes all speed limiters, and fixes fueling to work with most free-flowing exhaust systems.

Other improvements are the no-brake start, kicking the fan on quicker at degrees, more linear throttle control and eliminating the Can-Am shaft-saver function. Rev limiters are set to rpm, and they also allow for brake and throttle application without de-rated power. The issue is small rocks, gravel, and mud getting stuck between the brake caliper and the inner wheel. As the wheel turns, it slowly grinds away like a lathe in a machine shop. To combat this issue, you should pay special attention to this area when cleaning your X3.

Another great preventative move is to go with inch wheels for more clearance. We opted for a set of the new eight-spoke Tsunami wheels from ITP. You can get them with or without a beadlock, and they are super strong with a pound load rating. The Can-Am X3 engine puts out a ton of horsepower, especially if you turn it up with an ECU re-flash, engine building or both. ARP head studs are pretty much a must with any turbocharged or supercharged UTV motor, as the increased clamping force keeps the head gaskets sealed under the extreme pressure.

The X3 is especially vulnerable, as it uses M9 head studs compared to most other manufacturers that use M10 or even M ARP feels they have to go to this extreme to make up for the smaller M9 stud size. These genuine ARP studs are, without a doubt, the best studs money can buy. The ARP head studs increase torque to 50 foot-pounds, they have Allen heads for easy install, and require no drilling or tapping.

The bigger issue with the X3 is that the transmission input shaft seal is left exposed and very vulnerable to damage from CVT belt shrapnel. Changing a transmission shaft seal is a much more involved repair and could cost you hundreds of dollars in damage. Team Alba Racing has developed and machined a billet guard that keeps the seal protected from debris and belt material. If you are into rock crawling, rock bouncing, running in the sand dunes or drag racing in the mud, you will benefit from a real locking front diff.

The downside to this system is that is reverts to 3WD as soon as you let off the gas.Luckily, we made a trip down to Baja with GoBajaRiding. The overmile test gave us an opportunity to see how great this UTV is. Can-Am brought the heat with their Ace engine that is derived from their popular Sea-Doo Spark watercraft, but they added the intercooled turbocharger to create horsepower for the X3.

can am x3 common problems

It puts you in the back of the seat and keeps you grinning. It has plenty of power to push this big car to the limits and get you from 0—60 in just 4.

can am x3 common problems

All of the X3 models have an Eco mode that cuts the available power by use of the electronic throttle. Eco mode is simple to engage with the flip of a switch in the cockpit, and you can do this on the fly.

All three models have a governed top speed of 85 miles an hour, and it was simple to reach that in the desert of Baja. Even during short test runs on the beach we got the X ds model up to 80 mph, and it did quickly. You get smooth throttle control that works great for slow-crawling situations.

Top speed in low is right around 20 mph. The most noteworthy part of the X3 is the new belt design. One of the X3 X rs models that we drove had over miles on it after we finished our mile jaunt.

We had zero belt failures, and it was the original belt.

2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 X DS Turbo Review

It makes it very predictable, and not a lot of body movement goes into getting this beast around a corner. By holding this switch you can toggle through minimum, medium or maximum power-steering modes. We always opted for the medium setting as it worked great in the rough Baja terrain. The base and X ds models have 20 inches of travel front and rear. The big daddy, the X rs, has 22 inches of travel in the front and 24 inches of travel in the rear.

For comparison, the Polaris XP Turbo has 16 inches of travel in the front and 18 inches of travel in the rear. Every X3 is amazing in rough conditions, and each one has its own great features on the suspension. The base model has Fox 2. That makes it very simple to tune.

The X ds model has Fox 2. The X rs model has Fox 2. Both front and rear have dual compression and rebound adjustment. The base and X ds models felt very stable in highspeed situations.We're making it easier to shop from the comfort of home : Enjoy free shipping with no minimum order exclusions may apply.

View current promotions. Where driving was meant to take you. Explore, ride, and rip off-road in our purpose-built-for-anything high-performance vehicle. Anyone can go off-roading once. But again and again, every weekend the Maverick X3 family of side-by-sides are writing the next chapter of off-road adventures for those who dare to live like a maverick. You in?


Strength comes standard: all Maverick X3 models get fully-adjustable suspension with arched A-Arms for improved durability, ride comfort, stability—and up to in of ground clearance on RR models.

Smart-Lok is the most advanced off-road front differential, period. It's fully lockable on-the-fly, with four electronically-controlled automatic modes that always return maximum traction in every condition.

Everything you need to control for the perfect ride. The 4. Equipped to go the distance and get the most from the Maverick X3, anywhere. Each Maverick X3 package gets a unique setup, from staggered in. High-performance at an MSRP that keeps our competitors up at night: the 2 or 4-seat horsepower Maverick X3 Turbo thrills with next-generation go-anywhere. Balanced with in width, in of suspension travel, and armored in. ITP Cryptid tires for the ultimate in mud performance. It's as furious and smart as it looks.

New in. Rotax ACE cc Turbocharged Triple-cylinder engine with new intercooler and less restrictive airbox. Winning the Dakar. And Baja. And Vegas to Reno. Enough said Front and rear FOX shocks are serious hardware to help you harness all horses on any terrain, anywhere—and do it all again tomorrow. Rotax ACE cc Turbocharged Triple-cylinder engine with a bigger turbo, new intercooler and less restrictive airbox.

Lockable front differential with exclusive Smart-Lok technology.Starting this thread after the discussion on "spring thing" thread. Please contribute with your year and model of X3 and the issues you have encountered so far. One off issues, like PPXYZ's unusual series of troubles, sorry about that, but please keep it off this thread.

Please also try to provide the fix if you know. The idea is to build this thread as a buying guide for future X3 buyers. I'll go first. Model: 3. Stuck and broken sunroof visor. Sunroof cassette replaced under warranty. Needed reprogramming for comfort position. Broken rear coil springs. Replaced under CPO warranty. Car holding lower gear too long on inclines.

Transmission software upgraded. TSB is out for it. Regular wear. Fluid changes in 2 years. Rattle from roofliner, hooks had come lose. Easy DIY fix. Leatherette cracking on driver side.

Replaced under warranty. False passenger airbag light. There is a recall, and warranty on passenger seat is extended for 10 years.Posted By: Nick May 30, We can no longer wait. Look at this thing:. Essentially a dual clutch transmission is a manual style transmission with a built in computer controlled set of clutches that engage and disengage automatically; one clutch for the even gears and one clutch for the odd gears.

The beauty of this style of transmission is that it shifts gears incredibly quickly and the use of computers controlling the actual clutch allows for precise engagement and less driver induced wear compared to a manual clutch.

Plus, it typically can drive JUST like an automatic transmission with selectable gears via paddle shifters… Just like you see in Ferraris and Lamborghinis! But, we do know that:. First of all this patent shows the transmission arranged as a transaxle. Also, the patent specifically mentions UTVs. Second, Polaris is simply behind in the market. Also, their future is more centered in the electric side of things more on that later. Though, we were hoping it would have been teased by Can Am by now.

Ideally there would be a retrofittable DCT transaxle that would bolt into the X3s current platform without massive design changes, but the current X3 has a transverse output shaft.

While CVT clutches are infinitely tunable they do have their downfalls the belt is one, obviously that especially become apparent in racing situations where incredible durability is necessary.

Probably not. While belts will always be an issue on high horsepower CVT machines, they do have their benefits: Excellent power delivery, crawling ability, ease of service, tunability, etc. But if you push it hard in the dunes or trails, or have a race machine, the X3 with the Team Dual Clutch will be the machine for you.

We believe that BRPs next product release will be this machine. SXSBlog Facebook just crossed 11k! Google Ford fiesta transmission problems. You can see why I am a little hesitant on Canam heading in this direction. Hopefully they figured out how to make it work. Point 6 could be, they handle a lot more horsepower.

Would allow for BRP to bring the machine out in then hp versions maybe. Just sayin. We have been watching all the vids and keeping up with the industry while we have been waiting and this is what will force my hand finally. Thanks for your hard work guys! Honda has them in motorcycles and they work well. Interesting call on it being Can-Am.

Also have to consider that according to rumours the new Can Am X-whatever is already pretty much done and dusted and due for release later this year. What does this mean for the X3 platform?

can am x3 common problems

Why a DCT? Do you need a DCT? When is it coming? Anonymous May 30, at pm Reply. Bumpertrash May 30, at pm Reply. Ryan Duarte May 30, at pm Reply. Michael Desilets May 30, at pm Reply.A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile.

The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. The algorithm is subject to change in future. Friend is a lawyer going to dealer to sue can am and or the dealer or both.

I am the author of this review, and would like to report that Can-Am resolved this issue to my satisfaction. The case is closed. Call Can Am direct and file and incident report. I have an overheating problem with my RT and called Can Am it is at the dealer now. Screeching and clunking sound from the opossum that got trapped in the storage box. Let the critter out and problem solved.

Now have screeching sound in my attic. Can Am Reviews and Complaints. Product or Service Quality. Value for money. Price Affordability. Discounts and Special Offers. Turnaround Time. Cons: This unit is junk Customer service Terrible customer service. Pros: Bike Sales Nice ride. What is your customer experience with Can Am? Submit review. Reviews Show reviews that mention.

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Can Am - Extremely poor quality. Location SeattleWashington.

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