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If there are Stars who are clones of Political or Royal Leaders, I request that you post their identification in the other thread due to the link to Royal Bloodlines and possible political implications. This thread is devoted to cloned Actors, Singers, Musicians, Artists, Writers, Philosophers, Journalists, Media Hosts and any other number of shakers and movers who shape public opinion and cultivate the collective consciousness.

An accessory purpose of this thread may be to also consider that some celebrities which have become venerated by the public may be used by other parties for a variety of motives, including that of operating forms of mass mind control as well as to channel human aspirations and fanatical idolatry through personality cult. This thread is especially dedicated to CLONES and not to actors replacing Stars, however it should be noted that celebrities who might be replaced by actors may have been clones.

The possibility that adulated Stars might be used as privileged psychic messengers for occult ceremonies involving human sacrifice will also be considered here, especially as it pertains to clones being replaced, or replacing others. To kick of the posts, I shall start with an actor and a singer, both world renowned even if of an earlier generation. This is especially interesting as it points to the possibility of cloning being ongoing quite a few decades before any public awareness of this possibility.

Maria Callas For those of you who know the Opera, Maria Callas is renowned as the leading Opera singer of the 20th Century with a soul turning voice which could raise the dead. She was the most famous Diva, true to the legend from her temperamental personality to her extreme dedication to her art.

She demanded much from everyone and far more yet from herself. It was at the apex of her career that she fell in love with Aristotle Onassis, a Greek shipping tycoon known for his intelligence connections and who set up the Societe des Bains de Mer to launder for the CIA and the Mafia in Monte Carlo. He managed to push Prince Ranier of Monaco out of this company taking it over completely and becoming in effect the de facto ruler over Monaco. Maria Callas with Aristotle Onassis.

Unexpectedly after 2 years in the Royal Navy he then went on to receive a scholarship which opened the gates to the greatest heights of theater at the Royal Dramatic Art Academy as classmate of Alan Bates and Richard Harris.

We may ponder at the following resemblance which seems greater yet than that of his double Feter. Hi Getsmart I have always adored reading biographical information, and this, along with your own thoughts and conjectures made for a most excellent read. Originally posted by ladyinwaiting Hi Getsmart Hi Lady in Waiting, I'm glad you found it entertaining, and do not hold it against me that my posts are entirely made up only of my thoughts and conjecture.

Unless one day there is disclosure, we shall not be able to ascertain whether these suppositions are true or not.

For those who can obtain original DNA from the past and engage in fairly large scale cloning can of course falsify any DNA source of original individuals from the past, the only way to verify the accuracy of said DNA would be to create our own clones just for that purpose. If you are interested in Celebrities and either their clones or their replacement by impostors, here is another interesting forum: Celebrity Doppelgangers. Originally posted by jkrog08 I must say this is a rather interesting read, truly something you would only see on ATS.

Thanks for taking the time to put this together.People like Donald Marshall and Aug Tellez are actors playing a role, hired by the agencies, to put out some kind of test program or agenda. What they are saying is more true than what you see in the mainstream media, but still not the whole truth.

Going straight to the core would drive an unprepared mind insane, or else be disregarded as bullshit, so we have to be prepped first.

Reality is not only stranger than we think, but stranger than we CAN think. Not only is this the elites main method of meet-ups in the modern world, but also the technological solution to their blood lust and desire to torture and abuse children to no end. They just have clone time where they walk around and talk, a little dumber then they normally would be.

And they just got more and more depraved over the years. This British fantasy series that appeared on Netflix is all about magick and the occult. As it turns out, half her life means her sleeping half, her dreams, in other words, no longer belong to her. Lady Pole is forced to dance with the Gentleman, and with other men there. Could it be that all the attendees at this ball are victims of this dark magician?

Tricked into selling their soul, half their life, their sleeping half, to him? Losing her dreams slowly drives Lady Pole mad in the waking world. She soon fears falling asleep and will do anything to stay awake.

Practicing Witchcraft: What You Should Know About Blood Magic

As we all know this is detrimental to the health. Could this be why we often see pictures of celebrities looking gaunt and sleepless? Lady Pole is also under a spell that forbids her from talking about it, whenever she tries to disclose, she instead spews out old nursery rhymes and gobbledook:.

As we will see, the amount of torture that is at their fingertips has been increased exponentially with REM driven cloning. The other Hollywood disclosure that discloses REM driven cloning, or simply consciousness transfer, is the movie Avatar. The question was posed to Donald on his website :. Donald Marshall………. Inception too….Posted By Isaac Weishaupt on Jul 7, 59 comments. Hello and welcome to IlluminatiWatcher.

The Clone Conspiracy: Stars and Celebrity Clones

The subject at hand is that of water and the bathtub. Some may be shocked to know that Satan also uses rain to possess others and even accept human sacrifices. As it turns out by the evidence I presented in that book, it all ties into Moloch from the times of antiquity when the ancient Babylonians would sacrifice infants to this deity:. This horned deity is worshipped for the purposes of providing rain for his followers, since the rain was necessary to water crops and sustain life in those early days of civilization.

In alchemy, the symbol for water is the inverted triangle. Water symbolizes intuition and emotion, and in alchemy it is represented by the planet Mercury when used in formulas. The band 30 Seconds to Mars uses the Wicca symbols of the elements: air, fire, water, earth, and aether.

Their logos and artwork typically have the various forms of triangles, or even the inverted pentagram within:. In Wicca- a religion inspired largely by Aleister Crowley; these symbols are used as spells or protection from spells :. In Wicca, the element of water is also represented with an inverted triangle and denotes the subconscious where symbols communicate to us. The practitioners of Satanism believe that inverting images has symbolic meaning, which is why you see them inverting crosses- they seek to reverse the power of the original intent on the symbol.

ritual of the cloned soul

A classic example of this inversion is the reversal of the pentagram. Ceremonial magician Eliphas Levi created the infamous Baphomet symbol which as the inverted pentagram to represent the horned deity:. In ritualistic Kabbalah they conduct a Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram which utilizes the top right corner of the pentagram as the symbol of water in order to keep unwelcome intruders away.

ritual of the cloned soul

To make a play on that Wicca reference; the inverted triangle of water is represented by the cardinal direction of West. The direction of North is the symbol for earth, which is an inverted triangle with a line through it. If you look up Wicca beliefs in these two cardinal directions you can see that North symbolizes prosperity, wealth and feminism.

West symbolizes the subconscious and emotional aspects of femininity.

Would a human clone have a soul?

North West would symbolize a powerful female and the subconscious realm. Kanye seems to think he is a god, so that falls right in line with all of the occult belief systems. That is the best name. I highly doubt that. The Age of Aquarius is represented by the water carrier or other symbols of waterand is a time period that represents freedom, technology, and group consciousness.

I believe that describes the current state of our world as it is, and the group consciousness is the transhuman agenda they want to implement. The moon and the feminine divine are represented with water aspects because of their fluidity and emotional intelligence. The Illuminati conduct blood sacrifices in order to appease their god- the evil one. One aspect we can pull from these occult beliefs of water and bathtubs is the belief that there is a ritual component to bathing in water.

Since that is the case, there could also be a ritualistic aspect to the human sacrifice in the bathtub. She died in the bathtub while celebrities proceeded to party at a pre-Grammys gala. Chaka Khan went on Piers Morgan and talked about how disgusting she found the whole thing, knowing that even close friends of Whitney continued to party even though she was just found dead in the hotel bathtub.

In fact, that is what prompted me to write this exact article about bathtubs and water symbolism. On that same day they found Bobbi Kristina, a Nationwide commercial during the Super Bowl aired that caused much controversy because it depicted a drowning child.

Is this just a coincidence? He was found dead in a bathtub as well. There was never an autopsy performed, and nobody is sure of the cause of death. Could this be another sacrifice?A Ritual is a powerful multi-block structure added by the Blood Magic mod. The effects of Rituals are varied and powerful, from a simple water source to creating an area of creative mode flight. A weak ritual is simple but can be useful. Each is created by placing a specific block on top of an Imperfect Ritual Stonethen activated by Right-clicking the Stone.

Each costs 5, Life Essence. All rituals have a large LP cost to activate and most have an ongoing LP cost. Rituals can be deactivated by applying a Redstone signal to the Master Ritual Stone. The Ritual Diviner can be used to quickly build rituals. This page was last modified on 14 Aprilat Wiki Forums Members Chat.

Read Edit View history Page Discussion. There are two types of rituals: weak and standard. Weak Ritual [ edit ] A weak ritual is simple but can be useful. Blood Letter's Pack. Efficiency Rune. Getting Started. Category : Blood Magic. Hidden category: Pages with broken file links. Also Opening up positions for beta testers and more. Going live now…. We're not sure if we can stay afloat for the next year if things stay…. Discussion To discuss the topics on this wiki, you can visit our community forums!

Water Source.Transfer essencealso known as essence transfer or transfer lifewas a radical dark side Force power used to transfer a person's consciousness into another body, or in some cases an inanimate object. Ancient Sith Lords and other powerful darksiders used this technique to cheat death again and again, haunting their tombs and possessing those who stumbled across their sarcophagi in order to continue their reign of terror.

In more recent eras, masters of this dark side art had used advanced cloning technology to assure their immortality. The power enabled the wielder's spirit to survive the death of their organic body by usurping control of a suitable receptacle.

If the invading consciousness was powerful enough, it could override and expel the mind of the target body. However, it was nearly impossible to overcome a spirit already residing in a body, [11] and the practitioner's own body disintegrated in the attempt.

If the target resisted the possession attempt, or if the user failed in their attempt to bond with the object, their disembodied spiritwith nowhere else to go, was consigned to Chaos. The clones, lacking life experiences or a sense of self, were each little more than a blank slate, upon which the original could imprint their consciousness with ease.

The talisman allowed Muur not only to cheat death, but also to take possession of whoever wore the Talisman, unless the wearer's willpower was strong enough to resist him, as was the case with Celeste Morne.

Kevin Hart Illuminati Exposed? Said He'd Never Wear A Dress For A Role But...

The Sith Emperor Vitiate was one of history's most powerful practitioners of this art. Not only did he reign for over years using a multitude of different bodies he called Emperor's Voicehe also imparted some of his essence into several hundred, maybe thousand individuals he called his Children of the Emperor.

ritual of the cloned soul

His skill in this power was so great that he could continuously exist without a host without succumbing to chaos or madness, could inhabit a host's mind without displacing the original personality for extended periods of time, and even maintain complete control over several thousand bodies at once.

This might have been caused by Vitiate using the bodies of individuals already powerful with the force, while Sidious used empty clone bodies. Unlike his spiritual descendants, Exar KunDark Lord of the Sith during the era of the Great Sith Warused this power not to suborn another body or possess an object but to anchor his spirit to the Massassi Temples on Yavin 4.

When his apprentice Ulic Qel-Droma betrayed him to the Jedi, Kun called all of his Massassi followers into the Temple of Fire, then used their life force and the alchemical apparatus left by his predecessor Naga Sadow to abandon his body, drawing on the remarkable focusing energies of the Massassi Temples to anchor himself to the physical world. Zash had spent years searching for relics of the ancient Sith Lord Tulak Hord to aid her in the ritual, but was foiled when the Dashade Khem Val interceded to protect Nox, his master.

Instead of stealing her powerful apprentice's body, she was inadvertently trapped in Khem Val's body with both of their consciousnesses vying for control. Darth Bane learned this power after acquiring Darth Andeddu's holocron. The gatekeeper of the holocron refused to teach this power to Darth Bane, so Bane decided to rip the information out of the holocron, absorbing it directly into his mind.

He later attempted to transfer his essence into his apprentice, Darth Zannahduring their final duel[15] but her willpower was strong enough to repel the invasion, thus proving her worth to carry on Darth Bane's legacy. However, some of Darth Bane's consciousness still lingered within Zannah.

Set Hartha Dark Jedi from the era of the New Sith Warslearned this technique from Darth Andeddu's holocron after taking it from the Stone Prison on Doan ; [1] he used the power to shuttle his consciousness through a series of cloned bodies in much the same manner as Darth Sidiousnearly a millennium later. However, Set Harth's clones were provided by discreet third-party technicians, and never displayed degradation of the kind the Emperor experienced.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. This is working great for the blood tank ritual thanks! I setup the Ritual of the Cloned Soul then placed 20 will crystallizers on top of it. Edit: I set the area using the tinkerer, and crystals do break across the entire range.

Using the original Gathering of the Forsaken Souls and a mob spawner, I would expect this to fairly quickly within an hour for sure create a positive feedback loop with a stacks of excess will beyond the amount burned to generate new secondary crystals. However, the Ritual of the Cloned Soul only seems to generate enough will to break even or often run out and stall the entire will generation engine as it were. At first I thought it was a chunk loading issue, but I idled in the same chunk for an hour and I'm still just breaking even on burned will with no excess.

I would expect at least secondary will spikes to be dropping every ticks. This does seem to work for cycles, but then no crystals will grow for seconds, causing any excess to burn up.

The most excess will I've seen at any time is 8, it usually maxes out at before dropping to 1 or none. Then I have to seed it to jump start it again. So I'll confess to not having a huge knowledge of Blood Magic, it getting that cloned soul ritual setup was a bit of a struggle. I had to look at quite a few YouTube videos to understand crystal growth.

It should work the same way as the Blood Magic ritual, but be less efficient, primarily because of the loss of uniqueness. However it is completely possible that by making it less efficient it also now causes this stall issue. The first thing I'll need to do is to compare the code for the ritual against the latest BloodMagic, just to ensure that the mechanics haven't been tweaked and then go from there.The lizards or reptiles are in the last phase of their human domination plan of the End Game.

They are soul scalping and replacing all humans at all top levels and secondary levels, even their families if necessary. For instance as in the case of someone I knew they might get a visit from MIB's Men in Black during the middle of the day at their homes, or any time of day, or even work place and the MIB's grab them by the neck and face forcing their jaw to open and then they place a snake down their throat.

That is how they soul scalp people. This serpent possesses the human and takes over their brain and body and becomes that person. And that is how they do it.

The reptilian aliens can transform and take the body of a small serpent snake to be placed inside a human body. Yep, as the Most High showed me and told me about it, they take a slimy skinny snake, about inches long, greyish in color These reptile aliens work in groups.

In true form most of them are over 6 "4". They watch and study the targeted person so they know all about them, and when they take over their brains and bodies they literally can act and become that person. They even do this to their kids so the kids don't make a fuss that something's wrong with mommy or daddy because something's just not right about them.

They don't care about destroying the lives of children. They're all cold and heartless, unemotional reptiles with no thought of love, compassion or human emotions and sentiment. Those are emotions they have to learn to fake when they take over a human's body so they can blend in with society as a human.

In my book "Interview With The Devil" Lucifer had said they don't want any humans involved with the banking and they already dominated the politics. Now they are even going after secondary level people They are going after all of them and I had warned about this last year that this would become dominate for And it has. This year we are seeing their final touches on their control and domination. They have a list of all the people who are theirs and they are going through it!

The lizards who control the western nations, and all nations, don't want any humans involved with human affairs! They want everything controlled by them, thus we have reptile and cloned announcers, politicians, celebrities, lawyers, judges, athletes, anyone in a position of influence.

And they control every single aspect of the media and Hollywood. If you are a professional athlete or celebrity you have to be pre-approved to get interviewed on TV, sometimes you will hear reporters or announcers talking in the background, once I heard a desk analyst broadcaster telling a reporter on the field "he's been approved, you can talk to him" and the reporter then proceeded to interview a player about that particular football game.

If a celebrity is being gossiped about whether good or bad because all publicity is good to them they have to be pre-approved. And only those who have signed the dotted line and sold their souls to Satan are approved. Others have mentioned another type of scalping in which a lizard can take a piece or sheaf off the top of their head called a proboscis and put it into a host so they can embody and take over the host the same way a serpent does.

What they do is transform their entire being or conscious self into this proboscis and eject it off their head and then wiggle into the host, such as a human and they enter into a person's eye. If they have help the host's eyeball can be pulled out and this proboscis can be put into the back of the eye where it will then wiggle and spiral itself around the person's optical nerve and it also takes control of the person's brain as well.

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