How To Restore IMEI & SERIAL Number on Huawei Hotspot Device

By quinla01December 17, in The Noob Lounge. I'd really appreciate some guidance. First time this happened i thought i'd give it another go so powered off the device and booted back into the XPEnology USB Loader expecting it to become discoverable again and try another DSM version however it still didn't come back online. I soon worked out i had to edit the grub. I ended up having to remove all partitions on the disk before it would let me get back to the stage where i can manually install DSM.

I tried another few earlier versions of DSM and each time it failed. Each time i had to remove partitions on disk and try again. Oh, i forgot the mention I also tried replacing extra. Anyway, I guess first questions is: What's going on?

I'm also confused about all the component versions. I started using version Jun's synoboot-ds image as it appears to be the latest stable release that supports 6. Does it matter which serial i use? No joy. Your assumtion is correct, installing DSM on the disks, with a newer build than on the bootloader, can "destroy" your setup, if the drivers are not compatible. Hi everyone, Merry Christmas. I had the idea of using my old gaming rig as a NAS which is what led me to Xpenology.

The specs are as follows:. I tried to install using Jun's 1. I followed the instructions, made the bootable usb, but as soon as I get to the "Screen will stop updating shortly" message, nothing happens.

xpenology serial generator

I can't find the server using synology assistant, nor ssh into it, nor connect via web gui. So I can never actually install DSM on the server. What I was hoping for some help on was, first of all, how do you decide what image and loader version to use?Contrast AV specialise in bespoke audio visual systems for a whole range of sectors, including corporate, education, finance, government, military, healthcare and hospitality. Our team of flexible and highly skilled UK-based engineers cover the whole country, as well as EMEA, Asia and Americas, so no matter where your offices are located, we can deliver our services.

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XPEnology New Serial Generator

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xpenology serial generator

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By selecting a few leading brands, we get to know their products in-depth, allowing us to offer a much higher level of integration. Polycom The premier provider of communications and collaboration technology.Installing DSM 6. Make sure that you read the tutorial before beginning! Unzip it using Windows' built-in archive manager, and copy synoboot. There are many sites that provide SN and MAC generator services, and as such, I felt the obligation to provide one that is hosted under our page.

Click here to go to our generator, and press "Generate" at the moment it's a pretty basic one that only generates serials for DSxs. Save the serial and MAC address to someplace safe, as we'll be using that from now on. There are multiple ways of getting these IDs under Windows. The most straight-forward method is to open the Device Manager. It will open a new window and on the right side you'll find a list item with the name Device Managerselect it. Now that you have it open, scroll down to the bottom where it says Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

Using the triangle on the left, open the option. If you see multiple devices, remove all other USB storage devices for the few moments while we get the IDs we need.

Right click this item and select Properties. It will open a new window, where you should go to the third tab, called Details. Click the Property drow-down list and select Hardware Ids - it should be the third option.

As a result you'll see the Value text field change, and you'll have multiple lines, with mostly the same content. Make note of the values marked by x's here - those are the IDs we're looking for! You can pre-edit the image to make deployment easier in the future. For that, you'll require OSFMount see in the requirements part. Download and install it. After launching OSFMount, you're greeted by a window with a large list and four buttons. Right now our interest is on the first button, Mount new Click it.

A popup comes up, set up the following:. Make sure all these settings are selected proper, then click OK. Three new drives will appear, but we're only interested in the first one.By OleginDecember 25, in Tutorials and Guides. Before you begin to change something in your working system, it is strongly recommended to make backups of your most valuable data, so you do not regret about their irretrievable loss.

Everything you do is your fear and risk, no one encourages you to do it. The easiest and most reliable way to safely try to do it, turn off all the disks and the boot flash drive from the current system, take a clean disk and another USB flash drive and try to install a new version of the bootloader and the system, if it rolled, then do already on the current system.

Where to get sn and mac - is your headache, Google will help you, the system will be installed and will work with those that are initially registered in the bootloader, but with the restriction of the functioning of some services and modules, such as: QC, push notifications, activation of codecs for transcoding, installation of syno licenses There is a utility where the main programs for Windows x64 are collected.

Most likely to run on Intel processors starting from the 4th generation Haswellbut there are nuances with motherboard models and BIOS. Perhaps the most optimal budget solutions with transcoding will be the following:.

Who wants more - use mb with the latest generation of Intel processors with Intel i or realtek But this is already determined by the size of the your wallet and the functionality that you additionally want to get from xpen. Sorry for my english. Syno signed own drivers and nothing more can't to be loaded yet. Wireless adapter in M. You can ignore this information, it's not true.

Can you help me get transcoding working? Should i change CPU to Ev3 for hardware transcoding? This is my goal. My guess is that i cannot transcode x because my output is different than yours. I do not see HEVC in my output.

I will google this one. I modified extra. Please try and report here.Keine Ahnung, ich habe allen 3. Muss nicht immer die MAC zur Seriennummer passen?

Installing DSM 6.0 Bare Metal

Wie hast du denn die verschiedenen MACs errechnet? Ok Danke Dir dann werde ich das mal ausprobieren. Achtung: die dort bereitgestellten Tools sind examplarisch. Es kann sein, dass sie mit deiner Netzwerkkarte laufen oder Du ein entsprechendes Tool vom Hersteller brauchst.

Hi Bob bitte Pn Danke. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Restore formatting. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

xpenology serial generator

Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Posted August 30, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted September 7, Heisst, alle Synologydienste funktionieren. Reicht das, wenn man die Mac- Adresse in das config File eingibt?

Ich dachte man muss der Netzwerkkarte wirklich eine neue MAC vergeben. Posted September 8, Posted December 19, Posted December 20, Gesendet mit Tapatalk. Posted December 22, Posted June 19, Posted July 26, Alle info in PN. Posted August 17, Posted August 18, Posted August 19, Posted August 22, Posted August 22, edited.By OleginDecember 25, in Tutorials and Guides.

HW Transcoding confirmed and no quality issues observed. Also just like Ubuntu, w software transcoding the 50 works fine. This is good to know. I was stuck on trying to burn the NICs! I have no issue with pauses or freezing on regular files. Do you have a sample "problem" file that's publically available I can grab and test, see if I can replicate your issue?

Will try again with the 9 series CPU and report back. I think I'm good now. I guess I just needed to read more I had subtitles enabled on my tests. Transcoding with subtitles is a killer apparently. So, I can now get 4 x 4K movies HW transcoding to 8mbps and 2mpbs streams. I think that's pretty good. After doing a lot more reading I think I'll start keeping a p version of all of my movies alongside the 4K copies anyway.

I have pretty much the same result as you on the jellyfish tests. Not all the way through, but at certain parts. It appears the difference is actually the CPU. I swapped out the iK and in the i, and changed nothing else, hw transcoding QSV started working. So in short, 8th gen cpu's are capable of hw transcoding, but 9th gen not yet.

Make Xpenology boot loader 1.02b for DSM 6.1 on Ubuntu

I haven't heard anyone say that hw transcoding is working on their 9th gen coffee lake. HW Transcoding doesn't work obviously. I had the same issue, no activation. I tried installing photo station and uploaded a video to it. When it started converting the activation. If convertion failes, you should be able to see why it failed in the log.

On Videostation only h. The vid is and the pid is 3e90, and according to this database it is supported since kernel 4. Since the newest bootloader uses 4. I created a new topic with the question if it is possible to backport a newer driver to 4.

Have an Intel E V5 Skylake processor and I've been trying to get hardware transcoding to work but have had no luck. Hmm, thats strange, but good for him. I'm still trying to figure out what i can do to backport the driver, but since i'm busy with school I currently don't have so much time to look into it.

I cannot shutdown the system. Meanwhile when I reboot, I cannot find the synology on synology assistant. How to fix these. Tks so much.If you are reading this you problebly already knew what is Xpenology. Recently jun released the Xpenology boot loader 1.

I tried it on my ESXi 6. Then it will guide you to install the DSM 6. We all know that Xpenology is based on Linux system, so why not just make the boot loader on Linux?

Then I use ifconfig command to find the MAC addesss. I used the serial number generator at here to get my SN. We need customize it according to our own system. This involves to modify a single file grub. So lets begin. First I analyzed the ISO image file. Switch to root user and show the image layout. Here we got some importabt infomation: 1 The Sector size is bytes; 2 The first partition 15MB size start at cylinder ; 3 The first partition is the EFI partition.

The boot partition is mounted and I am able to edit the grub. As showed above, I changed vidpidsn and mac1 accordingly. I also set the timeout to 5 sec. Now I got my customized ISO image. To confirm this, use command ls -l or stat you can check the timestamp of the iso file, it should be a newly modified file. Check it carefully or you may accidentally wipe the wrong drive. Still as root user,navigate to the iso file reside directory, then use dd command to burn the ISO image to the USB stick:.

I am not going to go to details about this.

xpenology serial generator

You can find lots instructions online. For this we need: A computer with Ubuntu installed. Other Linux OS should also works. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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